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August 15, 2011
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Rust: Sanctuary Asssault Shell by Kilif Rust: Sanctuary Asssault Shell by Kilif
SANCTUARY Databanks Entry #132551: Assault Shell-Mk. 1 Standard Issue
Entity Designation: Item (Full Body Armor)
Related Faction: SANCTUARY
Availability: Common
Desirability: Low
Technical Level: Mid-Tier

Description: Before the Collapse, SANCTUARY existed as various, disparate empires, the histories of which have largely been lost over the centuries. While SANCTUARY shares much with these long lost states, it does not share, for the most part, any of their technologies. Rather, almost all current standard issue equipment hails from a coalition of national outfitters and politicians that called themselves CORE. CORE was created to establish a long lasting peace between the factions involved, and to provide a safe haven in the event of a catastrophic event. Their technicians created technology that was to be, at the time, godly, such that no one nation could challenge CORE and break the peace that it held so dear.

Some estimated fifty years after its creation, the PSA about USR's use of the drug 'Arquestine' was released, causing the Collapse. The remaining forces and politicians of each of the original nations fell back onto the old protocol and immediately fled to CORE's territory, fearing an attack from rouge factions they believed to not have been as affected by the Collapse. Less than a month after, their fears were confirmed as pirate nations drew close to CORE, forcing the nations to use the CORE technology and equipment, including the Assault Shell, in the ensuing battle.

The Assault Shell Mk. 1 provides its wearer with a wide variety of protection against weaponry as well as extreme temperatures, pressures, and atmospheric (or lack thereof) conditions. It was built such that the combatant could virtually take it to any general battlefield, within reason, for up to seventy hours without needing to replenish the suit's tanks. However, any temperatures below -120 Celsius and over 130 Celsius caused the suit to fail and the wearer to die shortly after. Excessive pressures would likewise cause catastrophic failure. However, the suit could stand against the rigors of the void of space, as well as most general atmospheric conditions, and this was good enough for CORE.

Over the next two hundred years, the Mk. 1 (and later versions built for more specialized warfare) became the standard issue for low level soldiers in the protection force of the proto-SANCTUARY military. However, it was at this point the ancient body armor began breaking down, which unfortunately coincided with the major breakdown in the equipment used to create the suits. Soldiers in the field soon became experts in repairing their assault shells with anything from riot gear to firefighting suits. As such, the quality of the general Assault Shell, some three hundred years later (to contemporary times), is highly variable. Most suits are still fairly able to handle the void of space, but their failure thresholds are much more tight.

As for protection against weaponry, the Assault Shell can stop many large caliber projectiles, as well as dampen explosive forces, even in their conditions today. The life support tanks and POW-5 communication equipment are thickly armored and, despite almost all vintage suits having various bullet holes in them, both of these generally still work. The suits cannot stop lasers, thus it is advised that no soldier engage any opposition outfitted with laser weaponry.

End remarks on Mk.1: A decent full body suit that can handle most general, non-extreme environments, that has become the standard issue of Sanctuary. Not many original suits left, but most in working condition.
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will you be posting more armor?
Yessir, I should be. I already have concept sketches for two more factions' body armor sets, so it won't be long before I have a presentable piece up.
and now you have a new watcher
Thanks. Hope I don't disappoint!
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